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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a specialty pharmacy?
A specialty pharmacy provides medications created to target and treat complex medical conditions and rare diseases. These medications are often very expensive and require special handling. They can be taken by mouth, injected, inhaled or infused.  They’re often expensive and may not be available at retail pharmacies. Some of these drugs may have side effects, so a pharmacist or nurse should monitor their use.

What is the difference between a retail pharmacy in my neighborhood and Exactus Pharmacy Solutions?
Exactus Pharmacy Solutions handles medications that are considered the most complex and often require special handling. Our specially trained pharmacists can make your treatment experience easier and more comfortable, and we offer a 24/7 support staff to answer any of your questions. We keep ample stock of medications available, so you can adhere to your physician’s prescribed treatment schedules without delay.

Our services include:

  • An individualized patient care plan
  • Verbal and/or written education about medications
  • Medication self-administration training
  • Communication with your physician
  • Assistance in identifying financial assistance programs
  • Delivery of all medications and medication supplies at no charge
  • Clinicians available 24/7 for emergency support

Where can I learn more about what services are available to me at Exactus Pharmacy Solutions?
Just call us today at 1-866-458-9246 to get started and our team will coordinate your prescription with your doctor’s office

Can I get all of my prescriptions through Exactus Pharmacy Solutions?
We are a specialty pharmacy. We suggest you continue to use your regular pharmacy for all other medications. However, it is important for us to know about any changes to other medications you receive at your regular pharmacy.

How do I get my medications from Exactus Pharmacy Solutions?
Simply call us at 1-866-458-9246. Our pharmacy team will work with you and your doctor's office to fill your prescription and provide knowledgeable assistance and education. We offer convenient phone service and also coordinate delivery of medications directly to your home or preferred location. We use experienced overnight carriers, such as UPS, to ensure the medications are carefully shipped. If your medications require special handling or refrigeration, they will be packed and shipped accordingly. There is no cost for shipping or handling.

When can I expect to get my medicine?
Your order can be shipped within 24 to 48 hours after your prescription has been received. Exactus Pharmacy Solutions will always contact you to arrange for delivery. There are reasons why the shipping date may change. If your medicine requires precertification, the pharmacy is required to request and confirm approval. A pharmacist may also need to talk to your doctor to confirm information about your prescription.

How much will my medicine cost at Exactus Pharmacy Solutions?
Your drug will be priced as part of your insurance provider's plan benefits. The actual cost of your drug is determined when it’s processed at Exactus Pharmacy Solutions. The cost is based on your provider’s plan benefits, the specific quantity, strength, and dosage of the drug, and the order in which your prescriptions are processed. You can contact Exactus Pharmacy Solutions directly if you have any questions. Your Specialty Care Coordinator can give you a cost estimate.

How do I pay for my specialty medications at Exactus Pharmacy Solutions?
We accept check-by-phone, money orders and most major credit cards, including: MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

What if I have questions about my prescriptoin or if I experience side effects?
The nurses and pharmacists at Exactus Pharmacy Solutions are familiar with your treatment and know how to work with doctors. They’re here to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.

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